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Posted on 08. Jun, 2011 by admin in Instruction

Choosing the correct method of golf instruction is a difficult task. Choosing the correct golf instructor is another difficult task. Often, the method of instruction, instructional techniques, styles of communication, or personality types conflict. Researching an instructor’s background, his/her style of teaching, and approach to learning are important aspects of completing the formula for true learning in golf.

A former instructional mentor of mine taught a well known PGA Tour player for a spell (actually, a Master’s Champion). At the time (and still), my mentor was a well known instructor on the tour, with other former major winners in his stable. He is an awesome person with an easy going, semi-carefree personality. The tour player is also a wonderful individual, yet, on the other hand, a type A personality with complete focus and a specific agenda on a daily basis. Though the instructional methodology and approach to golf instruction between the teacher and student matched, their personalities were in conflict to an extent the instructional environment was tarnished. As this became evident, the two decided on a better match (another instructor of whom my mentor had trained, so to maintain the methodology and approach) to assist the tour player in his ultimate improvement. This proved the best path for the success of the player!

So, choosing an instructor who is well versed in differing methodologies, who provides a true learning environment, who is a cause teacher (versus effect), and who basis his/her approach to instruction on the learning style of the student is important for optimal improvement and performance.

Remember, there are many ways to swing the golf club, from the upright and drop-in move of a Jim Furyk to the flat, rounded swing of Matt Kuchar. If a golf professional other than Jim Furyk’s father, Mike Furyk, worked with Jim through his high school and college golfing careers, we may never have heard of him. The unorthodox method of which he swings would most likely have been broken down and rebuilt. He may never have been on the golf team at University of Arizona, nor have won a US Open along with numerous other PGA Tour events, including a FedEx Cup.

Choose an instuctor and instructional style which fits you, so you can learn, swing, and play golf the right way for you!

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