Teaching Philosophy & Approach

Teaching Philosophy: I developed a teaching philosophy using proven techniques and cutting-edge methodology. The philosophy is based in the sound elements of grip, posture and setup, ball position, and alignment, and emphasizes the proper swing plane while using efficient arm and wrist motion to provide maximum leverage and power. These principles must combine with dynamic body motion that complies with the laws of biomechanics and efficiency of motion. The solid, basic elements tie the swing aspects together, and along with the proper sequencing and timing of the swing, provide consistency, power, and the proper striking of the golf ball.

Teaching Approach: Instruction, I believe, is developmental and must be tailored to meet the needs of the individual player. Each player is unique and must be coached as an individual. As such, group lessons must cater to the individual. Each player is involved in prioritizing his or her technical changes and a unique practice plan is designed to fit the player’s specific commitments. The skillful application of teaching aids and drills enhances kinesthetic awareness and assists in expediting the muscle memory process. To complete the individual player’s program, the latest in video analysis, 3-dimensional biomechanical analysis, and computer trend analysis is utilized to facilitate his or her understanding of the technical changes and ensure continued improvement long after the instruction is complete. My goal is to provide the player with an enjoyable training plan, free from injury, for improving his or her skill level.