Keeping the Body Fine-Tuned for Golf

Posted on 19. May, 2011 by admin in Conditioning

You have been playing golf for a couple months now. Yet, while you have been playing, you have also been sitting at a desk, typing away, using the mouse to move the cursor around and surf the internet, and staring at your monitor. Your ability to rotate the upper body, as it would in the back swing and follow-through, even with golf as part of your competitive or leisure activity, is diminished. Your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms are being overused in the wrong capacities, relative to golf. Your back is in the typical working person’s C-Posture, rounded and hunched.

So as we approach mid-season, here are 3 stretching exercises to keep your body prepared for the rigors of golf. The great thing is…you can do them at most times of the day, especially at work, right at your desk! The exercises will help promote a big shoulder turn, proper arm and wrist movement, and good posture, all elements of a good golf swing!

Seated Trunk Rotation:

  • While in a seated position with your back erect and legs bent 90 degrees at the knees with the feet flat on the floor, place your left hand/wrist on the right side of your right knee.
  • Rotate your left shoulder clockwise in front of you as much as possible, allowing the right shoulder to turn behind you.
  • Use the left hand for leverage to assist in maximizing the turn and stretching the lower back and hips.
  • Keep your eyes looking forward. The left shoulder should turn under the chin, just as it would in the back swing for the right-handed golfer.
  • Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.
  • Now switch sides, placing the right hand on the outside of the left knee and rotating the right shoulder counter-clockwise.
  • Perform this sequence 3 times.
  • Your Goal: To turn the shoulder close to 90 degrees relative to the hips.

Forearm Stretch:

  • While sitting in an upright position with relaxed shoulders, extend your right arm in front of you with the palm up.
  • Using your left hand, grab the fingers of the right hand and slowly press downward and toward your body, hyper-extending the wrist.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • Now switch arms, extending  the left arm in front and using the right hand to press the left hand/fingers downward.
  • Perform this sequence 3 times.
  • Your Goal: To get the palm of your hands in perpendicular fashion to their respective forearms.

Back Extensions:

  • Move your chair so that it is close to a wall (within a foot or so, depending on your flexibility, with the chair-back closest to the wall, if possible.
  • In an erect, seated position, relax the shoulders and lift the arms directly overhead.
  • Arch the back and attempt to touch the wall with your finger tips and hands. Lift the chin and push the chest up high, touching the back of the head to the upper back and pushing the chest toward the ceiling. Feel as if you are also lifting the lower rib cage, additionally arching your back.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • Perform this sequence 3 times.
  • Your Goal: To arch or extend the back so you feel the stretch in your lower back and abdomen.

See how these exercises feel. They can be performed quite easily in the comfort of your own home and office with or without workout clothes. Let’s keep it going now! These simple exercises, which take a minute and a half overall if done completely, will pay dividends in the mid-season months. Do them daily; do them multiple times each day. Let’s get going and keep it going!

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